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Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Happy New Year!

I’m excited to share, my friend, Janell Rardon’s newly released book, entitled:  Overcoming Hurtful Words. I pretty much devoured Janell’s book, on a flight to New Orleans, a few weeks ago. I had no idea how my soul craved the wisdom given.

After reading the last page, I called Janell:

“Janell…Oh. My. Word! I loved your book, so much! It’s rich and thought provoking. Friend, this book changed me. I know, I promised to write a review; but, this book deserves my taking some time to reflect, contemplate, and assess all the many ways it has touched my life for the better, beforehand! Amazing job, girl!”

Dear Friends, I can honestly tell you:  I have been reflecting, contemplating, and assessing Janell’s powerfully written book—for weeks!

Every morsel of wisdom lingering, daily inspiring me to:

Review my past hurts—not live thereAcknowledge hurtful words of others and how they have affected (and sometimes hindered) a healthy life flow…

Invite healing, forgiveness, and grace for hurtful words I’ve (knowingly, or unknowingly) spoken, and for those who have spoken hurtful words to me)

Let go of past hurts – they are toxic

Live in the blessings of today and live FREE

Embrace joy all around

Choose my future destiny

Focus Forward (No wonder our shoulders hurt—so much time spent looking back to our past!)

Set healthier boundaries in relationships

Leave behind past pain; step into a powerful future

What better way to begin the year than with Janell’s powerful, “how-to-guide” for transforming and overcoming old, destructive patterns of thinking?  

Are you ready to begin by purging old, hurtful, words that have cluttered—even blocked pathways leading to your future powerful living?

Will you join me in 2018 on a new journey towards wholeness?

Will you agree to come away from the noise and the chaos of living as you read Janell’s book?

I can’t wait for you to experience Janell’s God-inspired point of view, feel God’s love in each powerful word, and grow in confidence as a true overcomer.

Janell, reminds us how God wants to empty our hearts of hurtful words others have spoken to fill our lives, to the brim, with what He has spoken about us. No one gets the privilege of controlling our emotions when God is in control of every fiber of our being. Janell does a beautiful job of relaying God’s unconditional love.

Do you feel a change coming?

I do!

Change that acknowledges past hurt, then moves on towards healing.

Change that humbles to the core, and gladly accepts a new accountability for living.

Change that finds peace with personal imperfections and beauty in the imperfections of others.

Change that offers rest in striving and peace in every unknown.

Change that extends abundant grace while exchanging hard, cold, anger for compassion.

Change that courageously forgives others.

Change that allows us to forgive ourselves.

A new story is being written in our lives, friends. A story with a much better ending than our beginning. Whoop Hoop! Let the celebrations begin!

Order Janell’s book by clicking on the links offered below. Also, go to Janell’s website and subscribe for more daily wisdom. You will feel as though Janell has taken you by the hand, gently guiding you through the process of overcoming hurtful words to live the life you deserve!

I’d love to hear how Overcoming Hurtful Words made you stronger, wiser, better. Go! Rewrite your story in, 2018!

Be sure to post your kind review, after reading Janell’s book, my overcoming friends!

Happy Overcoming!


Meet my beautiful friend, Janell Rardon:

Janell Rardon, national and international speaker, author and relationship expert, has a Master’s degree in Human Services Counseling/Marriage and Family Specialization and is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach (AACC). Heart Care, especially in the realm of marriage and family relationships and the emotional health of women, is Janell’s passion. Her private practice, Heartlift Life Coaching & Consulting, was born from the desire to work one-on-one with women and their families. By applying years of novice research, dedicated study, collaboration with experts, and continuing professional training, she has developed the nine practices of Heartlift. She and her husband, Rob, have three grown children and live in

or just go to my website:


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