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LaTan's Books 


How Women Can Live with Boldness and Confidence Every Day?

Every woman knows it's easy to lose sight of the heavenly power of God at work in our lives during times of hardship, exhaustion, stress, and change. But no matter the situation--whether it's our health, marriage, finances, family, or vocation--God has equipped all women with the power and influence to live freely and confidently.With warmth and a welcoming style, speaker and award-winning writer LaTan Roland Murphy illuminates eleven courageous women in the Bible and shows how each was uniquely positioned for success because of her courageous choices. From Deborah to Jael to Mary, Murphy shows that these women chose to draw near to God; as a result, they were equipped with power for the supernatural ability to live courageous lives despite often undesirable circumstances. These stories will inspire women of all ages to trust God, minister to others, and live confidently and courageously no matter the season of life or what lies ahead.

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Are you satisfied with the woman you have become or do you find yourself emotionally sleep-walking through each day-going through the motions, feeling as though life has passed you by?

In this book, La-Tan Roland Murphy shares personal insights laced with biblical principles. You will laugh out-loud while being challenged to evaluate your own life, in order to become the elegant woman God intended. Becoming a Woman of Interior Elegance will inspire you to: -Laugh at the days to come -Find joy in the simple things of life -Share your own story for God's glory -Realize how daily events can become elegant moments in time -Celebrate the woman you are today, and the woman you are becoming Becoming a Woman of Interior Elegance challenges, inspires, and offers gentle wisdom blended with unique story-telling.

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Books LaTan Endorses 


I cannot think of two women who embody transparency, courage, strength, and wisdom more than Blythe Daniel and Helen McIntosh. As you read this book, you'll surely be soaked in their special kind of wonderful, and your own mother-daughter relationships will be saturated in the love of Jesus - the mender of our souls. 

LaTan Roland Murphy

Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters will show you how to create an incredible, God-honoring legacy for your family. This is an amazing resource for anyone who desires to deepen their mother-daughter relationship in a Biblical, healthy, and healed way.

Lysa Terkeurst

If you’re ready to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your mother, your daughter, your mother-in-law, your daughter-in-law, Mended offers the practical, biblical guidance and wise, heartfelt encouragement you're looking for. Whether you struggle with past hurts or present disappointments, Helen and Blythe make it clear, 'No one and no relationship is beyond hope.' Each suggestion is supported with Scripture and wrapped in real-life examples drawn from two different generations. So helpful, so hope-filled, so healing!

Liz Curtis Higgs

What a precious opportunity to write a book with your momma! Maybe you don’t think so because the relationship with your mother is more toxic than tender. Blythe and Helen weave godly practical suggestions to move the relationship with your mother or daughter from harmful to healed. In a beautiful conversation, the duo teaches the reader how to sow seeds of peace rather than discord by pointing her to the Author of reconciliation, Jesus.

Wendy Pope

Blythe and Helen have crafted a truly special and unique book for mothers and daughters. Whether your desire is to mend a strained and broken relationship, or simply to make a strong and healthy one even better, you will find yourself enlightened, encouraged, and hopefully expectant about the future through the pages of Mended. I highly encourage mothers and daughters to enjoy this beautiful book together.

Jeannie Cunnion

As I read Pursuing the Christ, my soul was moved to a deeper understanding of the precious gift given us through Jesus, God’s Son. What a rare gift Jennifer has provided, bringing rich understanding of all we have to celebrate during the Christmas season and beyond. Pursuing the Christ will transform hearts and bring the true gift of Christmas to life. What a lovely gift to give and display. Thank you, Jennifer, for pursuing the Christ in order to write this powerful book.

LaTan Roland Murphy

Jennifer Kennedy Dean has provided an elegant, yet down-to-earth resource to prepare your heart for the coming of the Christ child this Advent season. This thought-provoking invitation to prayer has had a profound and holy effect on my approach to the moment when love came down and the Son of God came to dwell among us.


Cynthia Ruchti, author of twenty-three books, including An Endless Christmas and Restoring Christmas

By far my favorite Christmas devotional of all time. Jennifer Kennedy Dean has created an evocative, spiritually rich, intellectually rigorous, emotionally satisfying read. Every entry is unique and engaging, drawing the reader closer to Jesus

Tessa Afshar, award-winning author of Land of Silence, Pearl in the Sand, and Harvest of Gold

Jennifer Kennedy Dean gifts readers with winsome prose and deeply satisfying reminders of the audacious Gift of Jesus Christ. Succinct devotions wrapped in sound teaching underwriting the meaning of Christmas and the hope He brings to a desperate world.

Julie Barnhill, author, speaker

We are so easily distracted during the holiday season, and Jennifer Kennedy Dean journeys along with us through thirty-one days during the Christmas season so that we are truly ready for the coming of the Promised One. Her personal and prayerful style invites us to share in her joy and anticipation connecting each of us to this unbelievable miracle of God-made-flesh.

Vicki Caruana, best-selling author of Apples and Chalkdust and The Joy of Letting Go

My friend, Victoria Duerstock, is walking advertisement for all things lovely, which makes the blessing the of holding this decorating book in your hands - a real treat. The essence of who she is, is reflected on each page. You'll be challenged to celebrate all you have, while gathering new ideas to fill your home with the same beauty. Congratulations Victor! Thank you for making our walls a better place to live! 


LaTan Roland Murphy LLC/Interior Elegance by LaTan and Author of multiple books including Courageous Women of the Bible and Becoming a Woman of Interior Elegance.

Other endorsers of this book include:

Robert Wallstrom, CEO Vera Bradley,

Bethany Jett, Author of the Cinderella Rule 

Michelle Medlock Adams, Award Winning Author of more than 90 books

Dave Gipson, Pastor, Composer of Trading Spaces Theme 

Lucinda Secrest McDowell, Author of Dwelling Places and Ordinary Graces

Jane Jenkins Herlong, Best Selling Author, Motivational Humorist, and Speaker Hall of Fame 

Cyle Young, Senior Pastor, and Award Winning Author and Literary Agent 

Grilled Italian Marinated Chicken 

12 chicken tenders 

1 cup Kikkoman soy sauce

1 cup zesty Italian dressing

Pour dressing and soy sauce into a gallon size reusable plastic bag. Shake to combine. Add chicken and marinate overnight. 

Grill or oven-bake at 400ºF until cooked through. Chop and serve chicken tenders on top of quinoa salad. Top the salad with your favorite graded cheese (we like sharp cheddar). 

Serves 6 adults, healthy portions. 


LaTan Roland Murphy

Tina Yeager writes powerfully and intimately, as if giving each reader her undivided attention. Tapping into the core struggle women of all ages face. Tina helps readers evade inevitable pitfalls low self-esteem causes, while offering practical tools for individual healing and wholeness. Using her wisdom as a skilled professional counselor pared with guidance from God’s Holy Word, this book is packed with power that will surely transform lives for the better. Beautiful Warrior is a must read for women of all ages. It’s an honor to endorse a book holding so much potential.  

LaTan Roland Murphy

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