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La-Tan Murphy magically captures and expands the hearts and minds of her audience with her authenticity, humor, and wisdom. A delightful, inspiring book of wisdom told through the lens of everyday events and observations. I laughed, cried, and grew wiser with each page.



Shaun Tabatt, Publishing Executive, Nori Media Group


Jennifer Kennedy Dean 

Author of Live a Praying Life®

Executive Director of The Praying Life Foundation

LaTan Murphy has a unique way of expressing eternal, timeless truth. Her fresh ideas, her skill as a story teller, and her way with words pulls us in and challenges us to multiply kindness and diminish anger. She moves us past the feeling of being helpless in the face of evil. I highly recommend.

I first met LaTan Murphy as we prepared for the launch of her book Courageous Women of the Bible. We became fast friends and I quickly discovered that she is a woman of deep faith. I've enjoyed getting to know her both personally and professionally. I am hopeful that we will have opportunities to collaborate on book projects in the future.

I love LaTan's beautifully squishy heart. She loves people, and is true to God's Word, and sweetly and faithfully points people to the Father. I also like her shoes, but you probably don't have to know that.


Dr. Michelle L. Bengtson, Southlake, TX

I feel blessed greatly after this week at the Billy Graham Center at the Cove. Your spoken and sung words touched me to my core and opened the faucet of tears I had guarded and kept hidden for so long. In that, you took me to the sweet spot where I could be vulnerable before the Lord a heart and soul connection. Thank you for being real, authentic, and transparent before us and God. I treasure you as a new friend.

Rev. Shelby J. Boldt, Executive Director Hylton Memorial Chapel

A couple of years ago at a women’s conference, I had the opportunity to meet a very extraordinary lady.  As La’-Tan Murphy took her place at the podium to speak, I could sense that she had a message for those present. Even though I had never met her before that evening, her caring and compassionate spirit gave me the feeling that I had known her all my life. There was nothing superficial about her, but she was a real person…genuine. There was no arrogance about her, but a spirit of humility. I watched the faces of those she ministered to and they soaked in every word spoken.


At the conclusion of the meeting, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to Latan and found that she was the same off stage as she was on stage. Working at a Christian event center, I have many opportunities to meet many well-known artist and speakers. I found that La-Tan had the same passion and spirit as I had witnessed when meeting Stephen Curtis Chapman. These are the people that impact our world for Christ.


LaTan Murphy is an instrument that God is using to make a difference in our world today. I feel very blessed and honored to have met her and to have been blessed by her ministry.   

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