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Making Your House a Home

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

As a writer, event speaker, and vocalist, LaTan Roland Murphy finds encouraging others her passion and purpose. She speaks with candid humility and raw honesty, drawing from her own real-life mistakes and failures, while inspiring her audiences with hilarious personal stories. She and her husband, Joe, have recently celebrated thirty-three years of marriage.

LaTan enjoys leading marriage seminars and helping singles discover their identity and confidence in Christ. In her spare time LaTan enjoys spending time with her grandchildren—a granddaughter and a grandson—who totally captivate her heart.

LaTan is a Selah Award nominated writer and has been a regularly featured columnist for the nationally recognized WHOA Women’s Magazine. La-Tan has also been published on Girlfriends in God Devotional (, and is a regularly featured columnist for Just 18 Summers. She has been highlighted by the American Daily Herald, Inspire a Fire, and Southern Ohio Christian Voice.

LaTan’s book, Courageous Women of the Bible, can be ordered at:

Visit LaTan at


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