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Writing from a bleeding heart – Navigating Your Writing Success

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

By La-Tan Roland Murphy

The road systems in Raleigh, North Carolina are frustrating and confusing. I often hear grumbling from new transplants struggling with learning their way around the Triangle region.  Ok, I confess; I did my own fair share of complaining when we moved to the Raleigh/Durham area in 1994.

As confusing as the road systems were back then, they are even more confusing, today.  There’s the Outer Belt-Line, Inner Belt-Line, I-40, I-440 and I-540, to name a few. And now to add further confusion, there is a new construction project called Fortify 40. Each of these roadways was designed to provide alternative routes around the city, thus preventing road blocks.

Perhaps you find yourself frustrated and confused with too many route options where your writing is concerned. Do you lack direction? The world of writing is ever-changing. It’s important to familiarize ourselves with new roadways offered in the industry. We must move forward in order to remain current and confident. Otherwise, we will find our efforts leading us down roads loaded with more road blocks than thoroughfares. How frustrating it is to think we are on the right road to success, only to discover there was a much better route to take all along.

Attending Writer’s conferences like, Writing From A Bleeding Heart, or a writing workshop I personally offer—Penning4Gold, can help you gain understanding and find direction. These are a few ideas that have helped my (often confusing) navigation process: 

Passion – Write about things you are passionate about. Otherwise, you will find yourself stuck for sure!

Authenticity – Express yourself authentically.  Do NOT try to be someone else, or write like someone else.  Authenticity is the best approach to writing or speaking powerfully. 

Credibility – The most powerful books are written by people who keep their story-line true to themselves.  For example: If you grew up in Europe, you have much to say about European culture. If your book is about depression, credibility would prove most powerful as you share YOUR story, instead of scientific facts only.

Rest – In order to keep your thought processes flowing and moving in a productive direction, make sure to get plenty of rest the night before you begin an important writing venture.  A clear mind equals no mental traffic jams! (Coffee always helps too!)

Research – Be sure to do your homework, after choosing your topic.  Topical writing requires time and research.

Relate – Work hard at relating to your reader by drawing them into your story-line both intellectually and emotionally.

Voice – Be diligent about finding your voice in both written and spoken word.

Attend writers’ conferences regularly. New roadways are being developed each and every day in the publishing industry.

As a writer, event speaker, and vocalist, La-Tan Roland Murphy finds encouraging others her passion and purpose. She speaks with candid humility and raw honesty, drawing from her own real-life mistakes and failures, while inspiring her audiences with hilarious personal stories. La-Tan loves to inspire others to look for everyday blessings in the middle of crazy-busy living.

La-Tan is a Selah award-nominated writer and a regularly featured columnist for the nationally recognized WHOA Women’s Magazine. Her articles have been featured on Fox News, “Inside Edition,” 700 Club, and The Daily Mail in the UK. Her books including Courageous Women of the Bible, have been featured in Southern Writers Magazine and Must Reads. La-Tan has also been published on Girlfriends in God Devotional/, and is a regularly featured columnist for Just 18 Summers. She has been highlighted by the American Daily Herald, Inspire a Fire, and Southern Ohio Christian Voice. Her articles have been featured alongside Joyce Meyer, Lisa Osteen, Kim Alexis, Gretchen Carlson-Fox News, and Megan Alexander of “Inside Edition.”


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