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Where Are The Storms?

A few days ago we waited and watched-wondering if impending storms coming from Kentucky might affect us here in Tennessee. The weather forecast looked grim for Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Various friends sheltering in hallways and closets sent text messages sharing about how they'd gathered pillows around themselves-hoping for extra protection. Hoping for no harm would come to them. But, morning revealed harm had come to many.

Today brings feelings of both sadness and compassion for those misplaced by the twisting fury from a tornado spanning a half mile wide. The aftermath revealed one-hundred homes had been badly damaged in a small town outside of Nashville. Forty other homes were completely demolished. And more importantly, precious lives were lost with many critically wounded with life hanging in the balance.

As I write this, my mind shifts to a few beloved dear-hearts who were unaffected by the many tornadic storms of this week, but whose lives have been deeply affected by intense personal storms gradually forming throughout the past few years, months, weeks, and days. It seems the winds of change continue to gain strength and causing the kind of harm that no amount of soft, fluffy pillows gathered around can comfort. We all know that material objects can never buffer the blow of such personal, catastrophic devastations, like: Losses of jobs with devastating ripple effects, husband's announcing they no longer feel attracted to women, multiple affairs leaving marriages in ruins, a cancer diagnosis, discontentment destroying ones joy, panic about the unknowns of tomorrow, and creating self-inflicted storms by embracing chaos rather than embracing the peaceful life we could experience is another kind of storm.

These thoughts left me wondering: Where are the storms located in your life, friend? Perhaps you saw your storm from the distant horizon or maybe you never saw it coming towards you at all?

Our God saw it all...

I'm pretty certain there has never been a time when we've needed God-powered fulfillment more. When we're short on answers and emptied of understanding. When life seems completely undone.

As we look to the chaos of the world around us, and review all that once "felt normal," we can confess our need for more of His strength to meet us in our weaknesses and hold us together.

Where are your storms coming from, friend?

"Father, I pray for every reader to experience the fulfillment of knowing Your Strength as her ultimate source of joy. You are in control of every current or future storm/s. Sometimes, we fail to understand how Your purpose could possibly fit within the narratives of our crazy tornadic lives. We struggle to understand why You've allowed certain storms to wipe out the landscapes of our carefully established lives. But we confess that You are our God and we determine within ourselves to set our hearts on trusting You all the more, in the days and weeks to come. We ask for Your power and strength to consume our human weaknesses and fears. We welcome Your Holy presence within every nook and cranny of our lives. You are the soft place and our refuge, and we choose to press into Your comforting presence when life feels scary and uncertain. Heavenly Father, please be with our friends and the families who are facing hard things. Please comfort those affected by the weather related storms across our nation, and be near to those affected by emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual storms of life. You saw every storm that was coming-before formation. You knew the location of each storm, how each formed, and where each would land. You have a plan in place to bring healing, comfort, and ease where anxiety tries to overwhelm. In strength, You make Your fullness available in our emptiness. We are utterly misplaced in this life, without YOU. Fill each of us with joy and hope for brighter tomorrows. We believe You are THE SON that will come out tomorrow." _Amen.

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