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Rest Stop Ministries with Dr. Rondy Smith

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Are you ready for some hard truth? Because, that's what we‘re dishing up on today's show. Dr. Rondy M. Smith joins us for what we believe is one of our most important shows to date. Join Amy Elaine and LaTan for a discussion on the reality of human trafficking in our society today.

THIS IS PART ONE of our THREE PART SERIES. So, subscribe today to make sure to hear the next two episodes: Part 2, A Survivor Story and Part 3, Victory Stories.

No, this isn't another country's problem. It‘s ours, Church. The atrocities of oppression and modern day slavery are happening right before our eyes. And, yes, in our own posh communities. In this episode, Rondy shares the story of how Rest Stop Ministries came to be. More importantly, we‘re sharing what you can do to help “restore survivors and stop oppression.” The statistics are staggering and you can‘t un-know them once you‘ve heard them. Ultimately, it‘s time for us to wake up and realize how much this grieves God‘s heart and begin asking how we can be part of the solution. You‘ll be glad to know there is hope. Rest Stop Ministries work is making a difference. So, join us for this courageous story of overcoming what the enemy meant for evil and turning it to good!

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