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My Platform, My Audience, My Influence

Someone once said, “He who writes to please himself, caters to a fool.”

What truth this bears.

Our words-whether written, or spoken, are not to be kept to ourselves for narcissistic tickling of our own ears.

They are God-inspired, for the purpose of blessing others with the rich, powerful influence entrusted to us.

Establishing a platform is something every writer must pursue. Drawing an audience is key in creating visibility, influence, and recognition. We live in a noisy world where there is much talk about: OURSELVES. Oh, it’s easy to be VISIBLE—even an obnoxious person is most definitely VISIBLE, because an obnoxious person demands attention. Your platform offers a special realm of influence with profound accessibility for captivating the audience you are targeting. Little by little, as you establish your platform your opportunity to influence the lives of many will grow richer, deeper.  No one can bring your unique, wealth of wisdom to the world quite like you can. This kind of influence is much more important than being obnoxiously VISIBLE.

As a speaker and writer, one of the most valuable lessons I have learned is: To never become so pleased with myself that I forget the goal of pleasing my readers and audiences. Although my stories are important and meaningful to me, I must find a way to relay rich messages that benefit others through them.

As you prepare yourself to write, or speak to your audience, ask yourself this very important question: How can I string my words together in such a way they touch my audience deeply, meeting the “felt-needs” of others.  Can readers/listeners relate to my message?

Perhaps, you write fiction and feel this point doesn’t really apply to you. Trust me, it does apply. The most powerful books ever written, the most influential speeches ever spoken, were written and orated by this genius approach:  Meeting “felt needs” in order to touch lives deeply.

Remember:  Our audience wants to experience fruitful “take-aways.”  Your audience should leave better than they came to your event, your website, your social media sites.  What is the drawing force for my audience/readers?  You may not know all the answers, but with research and study-time you will be able to bring quality to those following you.

Think about:

What ideas, motivation, direction, solutions do I offer, or can I offer, with additional research? 

Using this approach will help you influence others at the highest level possible.

As a writer, we must study human nature in order to produce work that inspires, changes, transforms the world around us. Anything less than this becomes self-centered glory.   

Today, I’d like to challenge you to pay attention to the world around you. Ask yourself:  “What do I bring to the table of life  that has power to nourish souls?”

Your greatest platform will build itself as you think in an “others-minded” way.  I challenge you to write and/or speak to your audience from this perspective. 

If your goal is to be “funny” – you must write about comical things that make people laugh. If your goal is to help men learn how to be better husbands, then you must write what you have learned from your own life-experiences or observations of others. Always write with an outward approach; your words are for others, not to be kept to yourself. Your writing and speaking goals should remain centered around meeting the “felt-needs” of your audience.

Watch and Learn:

Linger over the people you influence (your audience) taking careful note of what they respond to.

Think about how your own world collides with your audience.Offer relatable life-experiences.

Write three topics you could write, or speak about.

Based on these experiences, what can you share that will change your followers lives for the better?

Practice writing speaking material by thinking introspectively – putting yourself inside of your audiences heads: how might your audience think, feel, react to the world you are creating.

Ask Yourself: Do I speak from within my readers and from within my audience”?

The Result: Powerful, influential, relatable words flowing fluidly, effectively.May your platform, your audience, and your influence be blessed territories as you dedicate yourself to these simple principles.

LaTan Murphy

Twitter:  @LaTanM

LinkedIn:  LaTan Roland Murphy

Facebook:  LaTan Murphy


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