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God’s Pattern for Living

What was I thinking, when I chose my dress pattern for my High School Home Economics Class? I’d never made a dress; never made any garment.

Naively, I chose one of the most complicated patterns possible. A pattern requiring buttons. Not just one button, or two; a multitude of buttons – all the way down the front of the dress.

The pattern gave very specific instructions, including appropriate button size. And, I’d followed the pattern carefully; until…

I chose to purchase smaller, decorative buttons. Much smaller than the pattern called for. They were so adorable. How could I resist?

Sadly, I had to wear my dress to school. It was part of my end of year grade. And, soon after arriving at school, I realized I had a serious problem. I would spend the entire day trying to keep my dress buttoned.

I had barely buttoned the bottom buttons, when the top buttons opened—like a curtain at a broadway production. Sitting, standing, or walking—no matter my posture; I found myself struggling with the same embarrassing problem (I’ll spare you the details). By the end of the day, I was so exhausted from my fruitless efforts of trying to literally “keep it together.”

Perhaps, your life feels like that. You thought you had chosen the perfect pattern for living; but, your independent spirit decided to make a few changes on your own? I think we can all testify to making wrong decisions based on our own personal desires and wishes. And, I think, we all end up at the same place: tired of trying to “keep it all together.”

Sometimes, we choose to go smaller than the larger thing God has in mind for us. And, as we look around, everyone else’s life seems to be buttoned to perfection, while ours is coming undone. 

Perhaps, your slight life-alteration has caused a malfunction in your:  marriage, family, or your child’s life? Or, maybe the slight change you made affects your career, your future, your joy?

I’m tired of doing things my way. What about you, friend? Fear tells us there are no other options. Don’t believe the lie. There is a better way—It’s God’s pattern for living and it’s so specific for each of us, His children; found in His Holy Word—The Bible. 

I can’t promise your life will be perfect but there’s peace in serving a perfect God who is capable of making all things new. And, it’s never too late to begin again, start fresh, create new patterns for living.

But, sometimes, we don’t know how to begin. Will you join me in praying this simple prayer:

“Father, I am tired. I confess that I’ve made a few life-changes that altered Your best plan. I chose buttons much too small for the larger blessings You had in mind for my life and I really don’t know how to fix the messes I’ve made. I only know I want to change out of this ragged garment I’ve allowed the enemy to clothe me in. I am worn out from the mundane repetitions and sinful patterns I’ve created. And, I am so tired of trying to “keep it buttoned” to perfection. Father, please give me understanding and wisdom so that I can experience better tomorrows. Teach me to pattern my life after you, Jesus. I place my life into Your capable hands, along with my extra-large button hole pride that continues to unbutton my life. How I need You to cover me with your love, and clothe me in your righteousness. Even though, I fail to conceive of the great things You have in store for me; still, I want all You have in mind for me, and for my family. I confess that Your Son, Jesus, is the perfect pattern for living and I recieve Him now as my Lord, my Savior.” Amen


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