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God Is With Her, She Will Not Fail

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Ever feel like a failure?

Me, too!

And, I’m pretty certain, every person on planet earth has experienced feelings of failure and defeat.

Today, we find encouragement in the promise of Psalm 46:5.

This verse can be found on shirts, hats, and wall hangings. We like to be comforted, and God wants to comfort His people – no doubt about that.

She will not fail…

“Awesome! I like the sound of that.  I’ve failed at a lot of things, Lord!”

Finding comfort through God’s Word is a good thing. Finding power for living and overcoming? Even better! To simply quote this verse and not understand its context, wouldn’t do it justice. So, let’s unpack this promise a bit more…


God’s character cannot fail. His power cannot fail. When we accept Christ as our Savior, His character empowers us to overcome our external  circumstances that bring discouragement, doubt, and confusion. Living mindful of our powerful God, Emanuel {God with us} helps us find strength, knowing we are not alone. Yes, it’s true:  God is with us, and for us. But, this scripture is not really about us at all. It’s about our powerful God who always wins, always overcomes. It’s about the One who conquered death and the grave.  And those who are faithful to Him will not fail to acknowledge His power.

As we live according to God’s holy word, our lives are reshaped by His character. His character becomes our character. We can confidently understand that even when we feel like total failures, and our messy lives out of sorts. Even when our prayers seem to go unanswered, we serve the same powerful God who helped his beloved nation of Israel fight and overcome their many enemies. And, our mighty God IS with us, empowering and strengthening, us, His children to face every battle. 

It’s a terrible thing to be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goals

But, when our goals line up with God’s goals, we cannot fail, friends. We can trust that all the things that didn’t work out in the way we thought they would, or should, are safely positioned inside of God’s capable, loving, all-powerful hands.

We might live in a fallen world, but we can be encouraged because our God is with us.

So, let’s allow ourselves to be comforted by this scripture, then, rise with courage in our steps, acknowledging God’s power over every weakness. We are over-comer’s through Christ Jesus who died for us. Each of our stories, as messy and undone as they may be, will end with promises fulfilled.

Go, Courageously, Friend. As a child of God, your life is not characterized by failures but by the power of God with you!

“Lord, even with our fallibility, we press into Your infallible Holy Word. We give you glory, and honor, and praise. You are all we need. May we recognize and be empowered by Your Holy presence with us.” Amen!


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