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Follow Your Heart

I’m of the opinion that our hearts lead us towards good, or bad. Often led by our own individual personal passions and pursuits established early in our lives.

Because of this, it’s important for adults to passionately pursue teaching tools to help the precious, little people in our lives understand how to grow in love, grace, and confidence. How to become kind, big people in an unkind world.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my grandmother who helped to establish faith-filled patterns early in my life by asking me to read the Bible to her each time I stayed overnight at her house. After placing the word of God inside my young, eager hands, I embraced the precious moments of time spent with her—inwardly celebrating the blessing of reading God’s word to the OLD lady I lovingly referred to as “Granny Mae.”

Little did I know, she was giving me a gift so powerful it would literally shape my heart into a follower of God’s heart. Every powerful word I read filled me with individual personal passion and pursuit of more knowledge, more truth, more wisdom. And, no matter how life’s demands have drawn me away from God’s best, I’ve been following my heart back to His holy word ever since!

Now that I’m a grandmother, I’m SO excited Zonderkidz has published a bible for young girls entitled: Follow Your Heart. I love it’s beautiful soft cover.  And, what girl doesn’t like the color PINK?

It simply thrills me that my own granddaughter will be able to follow her heart to God, after I gift her this beautifully bound, Zonderkidz—Follow Your Heart Backpack Bible.

One of my favorite features offered is the Make Your Own section, offering young girls the experience of making their own Talking—to—God Journal. Sweet, thoughtful challenges are scattered throughout inspiring readers to talk to God everyday telling Him what makes them laugh and what makes them cry.

What fun we will have together, after I place this soft as leather Bible inside my little, lovely, granddaughter’s hands. I can’t wait to dive in—with her-discovering what the Bible has to say about:

__Finding inner beauty __Growing up __Forgiveness

Hurry, order your copy of: Follow Your Heart/NIV Faithgirlz Backpack Bible, today! What great Christmas gift this will be for your little loves, too!

I’m so excited to offer a special opportunity to win a FREE copy of this incredible girl’s Bible to the first five people willing to share this post on social media. After sharing this post, your name will be entered into a drawing. YAY! So, be sure to TAG me with your share and I’ll include your name in the drawing.

Remember, there’s no better time than today to: Follow Your Heart!

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