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The Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference is the highlight of my year. With amazing instructors, music sure to stir the coldest heart, and the opportunity to pitch creative ideas, no one can argue about worthwhile investments.

We writer-types are serious about our craft. We come with many ideas to pitch but always remember to bring our focus. Once we have penned our important meetings with publishers and the like, nothing can distract.


My sweet friend Lori Roeleveld is a great example. Lori is a gifted writer. The call on her life is a force to be reckoned with as she pens words with power and wisdom … far beyond her years.  Lori, like me, and many other writers who attend Blue Ridge each year, works a full-time job and writes in the wee morning hours, or late at night.  Each of us looks forward to the writer’s conference. We are able to finally receive input from professional editors, publishers and agents.

This year Lori’s focus ended up causing her great physical pain. On the day of her meetings with agents and editors, Lori felt something irritating in her shoe. At first, she thought it to be a small pebble. As the pain increased throughout the day, Lori desperately tried to reposition her foot. After returning to her hotel room, Lori finally removed her shoe. The puddle of blood shocked her.The pebble was not a pebble, but a tiny piece of glass.Her husband said to her, as he ran with towels: How could you not know something like that was happening?” Lori’s answer? “I was pitching! I was focused on pitching!”

Lori’s story made me think about Jesus and the pain he bore on Calvary. As he hung on the cross bleeding, He too was focused, not on the pain He felt but on pitching. You see friend, Jesus came to intercede for us—much like an agent intercedes for the writer. 

“Lord, see the work they are doing for the Kingdom? See the words they tirelessly write for Your glory, Father? Aren’t their stories amazing?” 



He felt it alright.

But deep in His heart He knew… His purposed mission must be completed at Calvary. We were His focus. The pain would not stop Him from pitching our name to His Father.

As blood flowed, great love for us flowed.  Perfect love moved Him past the pain. He remained focused. He knew a greater glory was to be revealed.

Stay focused, Lori.  Stay focused on your purposed mission, my friend. A greater glory will be revealed. Write on!



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