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All Things Become New

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Sometimes, I get this crazy, creative urge to paint a piece of furniture. If you are a natural wood lover, you might cringe at the thought. It’s amazing how a coat of paint can totally transform an old, drab, random piece of furniture into a seemingly brand-new thing of beauty.

There is such a precious parallel between a freshly painted piece of furniture and a freshly transformed life in Christ. As we come to Jesus, just as we are, with scratches, scars, and dings from our past sin, He covers us with His love—transforming our old, drab, randomness into something fresh and beautiful.

What a great way to teach our children about the changing power God’s Son brings to a life in need of a fresh covering:

Read God’s Word Together:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” 1 Corinthians 5:17 ESV


A few sponge brushes—(I prefer those with a wooden dowel rod attached for a handle to hold onto)Chalky paint—(Choose your favorite color and brand. (Annie Sloan is an excellent brand, or I like the Lowe’s store brand)Wax top coat (This is an important step as the wax seals the paint.)Wax brush (I prefer rubbing the wax into the furniture with an old t-shirt.)

I simply love using chalky paint because there is no sanding or priming required.

It’s a 3-Step Process:

PaintDry overnightRub the wax in a circular motion to seal the chalky paint. Voila!

Object Lesson:

Why not intentionally seek out an old side table, or wooden chair that has been dropped off at Goodwill, or a yard sale. Share with the kids how Jesus will never abandon us.When others tell us we aren’t worth anything, Jesus tells us we are a “keeper.” He sees the potential when the enemy sees our flaws and human imperfections.All things become new when we are a child of God. No matter what we’ve done, or how old and tattered we become, we are never too far gone.As you rub the wax coat, share with your children how we were bought and redeemed by the blood of Christ and the price He paid at the cross. His love has sealed us and we are one with Him forever.




Lord, thank you for the faith we share as a family. Thank you for seeing us as worthy of being salvaged, redeemed, and repurposed for your glory. Help us to serve you and bless others with our restoration stories. Amen.

By: LaTan Roland Murphy is a writer, speaker, and teacher who also has a decorating business – Interior Elegance by LaTan. LaTan loves encouraging families to be thankful for what they have and helping them use what they have to create beautiful things. (The decorations and pictures are originals of LaTan Murphy.) Visit LaTan at

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