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A Way — In a Manger

The race of 2018 is well on its way, with half  of January already gone. As crazy as it might seem, I felt impressed to post one more Christmas blog.




Because, with all of my heart, I want each of us to experience the best year possible! And, in order to experience the best year possible, we must realize the ONE who made A WAY in a manger – Jesus Christ.

He made A WAY through every blocked path you and I will ever experience.

A WAY beyond yesterdays still holding us hostage.

A WAY out of BIG messes, regrets, and mistakes.

Jesus, He is the WAY, the truth, and the life. He is the Father’s heart bent low, loving us without borders – regardless of the things we deem “unforgivable.”

He is THE WAY to peace…

THE WAY to love…

THE WAY to joyful…

So, with much pleasure, I invite you to: 

Read On, Friends…

I can remember vividly past Christmases in my life. I remember our home decorated with a beautiful tree, gifts wrapped with brightly colored paper and coordinating bows. I remember when I was very young I asked for a TV instead of shotguns like my brothers. Funny thing, my TV got a lot more use than those seldom fired shotguns. I remember my Mom’s last Earthly Christmas. I woke early to help her finish baking. She couldn’t stand for long because the chemo had taken her strength. We sang Christmas Carols while I handed her the ingredients to finish baking our traditional treats. Chex-Mix for me, divinity candy for Joel, and fudge for Todd – with and without pecans. And, of course, anything her Grand kids desired.

Being Christian, we always had a manger scene that had a special place in our living room next to the over-sized family Bible opened to the story of the birth of Christ. My parents would read it to us on Christmas Eve. As I have gotten older I can better visualize the events around Jesus birth. He was born in a manger without pomp and circumstance. Wise men sought Him and Shepherds’s stood in amazement gazing at a baby whose birth had been foretold–fulfilling Old Testament prophecy.

I always thought the words to the song, “A Way in a Manger,” represented a distant far off place in Bethlehem. This season I have been thinking it actually represents an intimate closeness offered to us by The Savior of the World. God himself came to Earth to better relate to me, his creation by giving me “a way” to resolve my transgressions, a way to live free from guilt, shame, fear and hopelessness.

My parents did Christmas well. My Heavenly Father did it better. His gift was far greater. A birth is the beginning of an eternity. I want to go full circle and finish strong. I don’t want my life to be an apology but instead an example of what grace looks like.

By: Mark Perry


I pray you’ll be amazed by the ever-lasting freedom TRUE LOVE made.  

Will you courageously come to Jesus? It’s never too late and no sin is too dirty.

Come! Experience the fullness of all that He is – this year and every year. And, as my good friend, Mark Perry challenged: 

                     “Live an example of what grace looks like.”

I wish for you the best year possible as you seek the Son of God, in all things!



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