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Ann Castor Wayne

I have taken this to heart. I have the opportunity to write for two local newspapers as a freelancer. Unique stories are captured and shared with people in the community. Many of them are mission-related, but some are about families that are making a difference in the community. I thank God for the class with LaTan and encourage anyone who loves to write or would like to learn more about it to step out and sign up for one of her classes. 

Debbie Garrick

The Penning4Gold workshop is amazing! The smaller group format made me feel as though I had a team of personal writing coaches cheering me to follow my calling to write what the Lord has placed upon my heart. The group consisted of writers in various stages of work, sharing thoughts and ideas in a judgment free zone. Best of all, there was an overwhelming sense of the Holy Spirit directing our time together. 

Tammy Blackburn 

I attended LaTan's Penning4Gold Workshop several years ago. It was one of the best writing workshops I've ever attended. It was very intimate, focused, and individualized. I began the morning with an idea for writing a book about certain life experiences, but had no idea where to start. I came away with an entire outline and even a title! LaTan has such a unique way of seeing into your ideas and hearing from God at the same time. You can't help but be blessed by this workshop! 

Sherrie Smitley

The Penning4Gold weekend that LaTan presented was excellent. She has a vast knowledge of writing, as well as great insight. She loves the Lord above anything else, and her writing and teaching are an extension of this love. For anyone who has a desire to further their writing, and understand the craft, I would recommend this class. 

LaTan makes writing come to life! Everyone at our conference came away excited and ready to write! I can’t say enough wonderful things about her conference and I look forward to having more in the future.

Patricia Farrell

Two years ago, I hosted Penning4Gold Workshop with LaTan Murphy. We had approximately six women attending, each one at a different level of writing. Latan did a phenomenal job of meeting each person, where they were and bringing all of us along as a group to write about the passion in our hearts. I would recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone who wants to learn the art of writing!   

Pat Farrell
Christian Life Coach - Author - Speaker

Sheri Hall Stauffer

Writing has been a dream of mine for several years, but I had never shard that or my writing with any one. I attended the Penning4Gold Workshop with LaTan and all that changed. The intimate atmosphere of the workshop was especially beneficial to me, as I received encouragement, constructive advice, and helpful tools to start writing. I was eventually published in an online devotional forum. Regardless where you may be in your writing journey, you will not be disappointed by attending the Penning4Gold Workshop. 

Emily Edenburn

Attending the Penning4Gold Workshop lead by LaTan was a much needed breath of fresh air for my writing. I so enjoyed spending the day with like-minded writers, and I was encouraged to step out of my box and bring my visions to life. LaTan truly has a gift for inspiring women to write from the heart. It was a wonderful experience. 

Ann Castor Wayne

The writing workshop that I attended several years ago with LaTan was amazing. She taught us how to step back and take a deeper look at our life experiences so that we could write from our hearts and share stories that can make an impact on our families and the people in our community. I have taken this to heart. I am a Freelance Journalist for two local newspapers. Unique stories are captured and shared with people in the community. Many of them are mission-related, but some are about families that are making a difference in the community. I thank God for the class with LaTan and encourage anyone who loves to write, or would like to learn more about it to step out and sign up for one of her classes.

Gwendolyn McBride, RN, Faith Community Nurse, Spartanburg, SC

I’m Gwendolyn McBride and are you like me in that I wanted to write a book or two, but I had NO idea how to start or even progress from there? When I attended a Penning4Gold Writer’s Weekend last Fall (in the beautiful mountains of Virginia) with LaTan Roland Murphy, I was blown away. LaTan gives out what is needed to become a successful author. Unlike some people, who do not want to give you enough information because they are perhaps afraid that you will have more success than them, LaTan gives all! With great success as an author, LaTan empowers you because she knows that your life is important, and you have a story that only you can tell. I highly recommend that you take the golden opportunity to take a workshop with LaTan. You will be encouraged to pick up that pen and give to others

Hadassah Russell

It (Penning4Gold) gave me a lot of insight of the business side of writing as well as encouragement to keep going in my writing career. I really enjoyed LaTan’s sessions and the layout of it.

Tina Coggins, Little Rock, Arkansas

By far one of my favorite all time seminars is PENNING4GOLD led by LaTan Roland Murphy! Get a room full of dreamers together and the energy is electrifying! It’s amazing to watch it unfold. WHO do you know of for such a small investment relatively brings you their experiences in the world of writing and is ready to pour into others so they can see THEIR vision come to life?


Maybe you THINK you want to write, OR you KNOW you want to write and you have no idea where to start or you need some positive feedback, invite LaTan to lead a PENNING4GOLD Writer’s Seminar in your area.


Whether it’s inspiration you need; an idea pulled out of you, this is a great place to start! Get some more than helpful info whether dealing with the editing process, choosing a publishing company or the best way to go about self-publishing. Marketing tools spill over into the training as well in a way that makes the process comfortable. Just the basics do’s & don’ts will be helpful. The materials alone are of a great value.


The bonds with others; the encouragement you find yourself giving out and receiving and that small nudge to need to get started will make it worth your time and money! If you love a good story, you won’t be disappointed as you rub shoulders with like-minded participates.


Great place to start walking out your purpose! The seminar is well put together with the most useful information in this field! Couple that with LaTan’s professional but down to earth style of communication and this is a must attend!  

Tanya Betts, Little Rock, Arkansas

Journaling is something I have enjoyed since I was a teen, but never thought of it as anything more other than. It was a simple way for me to freely express myself. Over time, the desire to write has become more than what I imagined it could be. Attending the Penning4Gold Worship encouraged me to let go of my fears and use what God has purposely given me. The information she shared, and the tools she gave, has taken my desire to write and ignited a passion in me to step beyond those fears to experience something far greater than just freely expressing myself. Now, I write in hopes that my story, my experiences, will be a light and an encouragement for others.  

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