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Six Ways to Overcome Anxiety

  1. Speak your fears aloud to God. (Confession is freeing)

  2. Denounce ALL lies spoken about you - as a child, and, as an adult. (Break agreement with these lies)

  3. Acknowledge God. (Envision Him before you, beside you, behind you, within you)

  4. Embrace God's Powerful Presence as the Gift that Keeps On Giving. (You are not alone. You will never be alone)

  5. Stand with knees knocking. (Seek professional help to reset your mind and heart for pursuit of forward-motion- living) NOTE: Contact me for more information!

  6. Don't Shrink Back! (With the Power of Heaven at work within you, and with proper tools available to you-you CAN face your fears and overcome anxiety!)

Go Faithfully; Go Courageously! All of Heaven is Fighting for You, Friend!


1 Comment

Aug 03, 2020

LaTan, I just watched your video with your husband about his heart issues. My husband had quadruple bypass surgery December 9, 2019.. I can say I know how you felt and what you went through. My husband is doing great now and I, like you, am so thankful for the medical community that took care of him. Praise to God for watching over us and you and the continued healing for our ! Bless you both and thanks for the video. Barbara Latta

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