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A Season of Change

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I think 2020 has taught us how quickly life can change. One minute our lives feel pretty certain...

And then...

Perhaps - that's why I love FALL?

Fall reminds me that change is a necessary component in

cultivating a thriving life in the midst of so much uncertainty.

Fall has a special way of teaching the beauty change can bring.

As a College student, I asked my parents to wait until Fall break before raking their leaves. My Mom thought this was the most hilarious idea. Some of you might agree. Call me crazy; but, there was something sentimental about coming back home, planting my feet on familiar ground, hearing the sound of crunching leaves as I eagerly made my way from the car to the house where 'my people' live.

To this day, I love fallen leaves and I appreciate their final brilliant offerings of burnt-orange, radiant yellow, and flaming amber. I'm still moved by the effort it takes for each leaf to welcome change into itself and I humbly recognize my own need to do the same. Nature teaches powerful lessons on how to break-free. How to surrender to change -making room for brand-new seasons to unfold.

During my College days, I had to break free from the comforts of home, the family I so loved, and my small hometown in order to experience changes College life would bring.

Since then, I have experienced more life-changing events than I'd have space to write about here. Some lovely. Some - not so lovely. But, each life changing event has played it's part in recreating me into a vastly different woman with each life-scenario as colorful as Autumns fallen leaves.

I think each of us understands how unpredictable change can be. How change randomly plants our feet right in the middle of piles of disappointment and devastation, one day, and fills us with excitement the next. Whatever season you are in, it's good to look back to see how change has made room for exciting times that produced something brand-new in our lives-no matter how scary, painful, or uncertain the circumstances.

Change can be our most painfully powerful education.

Wisdom comes as we willingly 'let go' - falling away from past pain and comfortable familiar's. Yes, it's good to hold fast to precious memories of days gone by and treasure each and every good day lived but there comes a time when releasing our grip on yesterday's dysfunction is the best life changing decision we will ever make.

Nature, also, teaches how willingness to embrace change can powerfully lead us to new realities. Seeing with fresh perspective how releasing all we've clung to can invite a new kind of change - FREEDOM.

As change makes room for more change-there is beauty and freedom in it all...

The end of Winter brings opportunity for Spring.

The end of Spring...

Brings opportunity for Summer...

The end of Summer brings opportunity for Fall...

The end of Fall brings opportunity for more chances to change...



Change looks like:

  • The end of a life we adored? Been there!

  • The end of a job we loved? Been there!

  • The end of relationships we thought would last forever? Been there!

I sure fail to have the answers to questions like: "Why did I need to experience this change?"

"How can this change possibly make me better?"

But, Dear-Heart, I confidently trust in THE ONE WHO IS THE ANSWER to each and every life-changing moment we will ever experience! Jesus. The Son of God. The Savior of the World. The One who fell away from the beauty of Heaven to change the trajectory of our sinful natures.

Will you accept His loving invitation to walk through the crunchy leaves of change that have fallen from your life? Will you give Him the opportunity to make room for a new season? To help you find peace in all the past changes you've been through? To help you face your 'here and now.'

We can look to Genesis 37 and be encouraged by Joseph who experienced more than his colorful fair share of life changes. Joseph was Jacob's eleventh son and had the gift of prophecy. Too bad his brothers were so insecure and unable to celebrate the brilliant, God-given colors of Joseph's coat and his surrendered life. Resentment caused them to act in ways family never should and they sold one of their own into slavery. How could Joseph have perceived the painful ending of a familiar season of his life - including betrayal, isolation, and separation from his family was fulfillment of Heaven's purpose and the ultimate preparation for Joseph to experience his next best season as second in command in Egypt?


How can any of us know the power and future preparation behind the many painful changes we are facing?

I sure don't have all the answers; but, I do believe:

God is at work in the things that have seemingly fallen away from our lives, too. Season to season he is making way for the next thing, and, the next, and, the next...

So, don't rake those leaves too soon, Friend! Take a moment to reflect and reconnect with God about all that's falling away from your life. Ask Him to reveal and utilize all the good and all the hard - in your next best season of change!

Happy Fall, Ya'll!



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